ACELL for Hair Transplant?


The first reports of ACell date back several years when in 2008 a report came out on an American TV station. A man had suffered severe damage to his hand while working on a model airplane. Thanks to Acell, doctors were able to recreate tissue that was essential for the use of the limb that appeared to be irreparably damaged. This news has shaken the world of research, not excluding the trichological field.


What is ACell?

ACell is a leading company in the field of regenerative medicine, a branch of medicine whose goal is to repair or remodel organs or tissues damaged by trauma, disease, or the physiological aging process to which every organism is subject.

The ACell company has paved the way in this field. We can say that the body heals much faster. There have been positive results for the treatment of:

  • wounds
  • ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • and burns

ACell has developed a product called “Matristem” that is derived from pig bladders.
The theory is that the substance derived from it is able to help the body speed up its regeneration.

In addition to this, the extracellular matrix of Matristem speeds up what the cells should already be doing by being able to regenerate tissues that have been injured in a better way (also from a qualitative point of view) without the formation of scars.

ACell devices contain different types of:

  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • collagen
  • and other components

which promote the regenerative process, and which are gradually absorbed by the patient’s organism.


Is ACell effective on the scalp?

The field of hair restoration is characterized by ongoing research and studies. The causes of baldness have not yet been fully identified and, as a result, even the available drug therapies do not always prove effective.

Hair transplantation represents the surgical solution to baldness. Precisely in connection with the procedure, ACell has begun to gain momentum, as people have begun to talk about hair-related tissue regeneration.

In this case, it is assumed that hair regrowth also occurs in the case of extraction and that the adjacent tissues heal without scarring.

This is the reason why the world of forums, blogs, surgeons and enthusiasts believe that it can heavily revolutionize the lives of people who lose their hair.


ACell for hair transplantation – does it really work?

The hope for anyone is that the powder can help hair transplant patients recover after follicular unit extraction.

The biggest problem now is whether regenerative medicine can be used for health-care-mandated permits. Cell multiplication is still a world to be explored. Many have already raised strong objections that it may increase the possible formation of cancerous cells.

We all remain waiting for a possible development of the technique and a clearer decision from the Ministry of Health.


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