Baldness and anabolics – what’s the link?

Dr. Larry Shapiro describes the biochemical correlation between the use of anabolics and baldness.
When people talk about anabolic they often refer to the field of fitness and body building.

What correlation might there be between their intake and hair wellness?


Anabolic steroids – what they are and how they work

Anabolic steroids are chemical derivatives of testosterone that promote anabolism.

anabolism, also called biosynthesis, can be defined as the constructive phase of metabolism; this is where the biomolecular synthesis of proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, and fats occurs, starting from simple precursors.

Anabolic drugs are not without undesirable effects, indeed, there are a multiplicity of consequences caused by their androgenicity factor.

The side effects involve not only the hair but all tissues: protein synthesis increases causing phenomena such as muscular increase and organic reddening (such as liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.). Among the most serious effects are cardiovascular ones such as cardiac hypertrophy, predisposing to the risk of infarction.

As for the hair, anabolic agents can lead to calvariation. The values of male hormones, primarilytestosterone, increase excessively and are transformed into dihydroxytestosterone (DHT), one of the primary agents of hair loss.


Dr. Larry Shapiro’s opinion

Regarding the link between anabolic steroids and hair, Dr. Larry Shapiro states that there is a clear correlation between their use, even excessive, and the headaches. In this regard, his Shapiro Chart (see below) explains how the anabolic index works.

Shown here is the process of miniaturization of hair caused byanabolics, with detail to the biochemical channels that they use.

In the table at the bottom left, you can see the incidence that each individual anabolic has in the channels.

After the study, a line of products called Help Hair was also designed and created. These products can come in contact with the mentioned channels and be able to block these mechanisms, restoring strength to the hair and reducing hair loss.

One of the top products is Help Hair Protein Shake, a concentrated protein and vitamin mix created with whey protein.

This product line boasts high quality and effective ingredients, selected directly by Dr. Shapiro.

In 2010, Dr. Shapiro himself conducted a study to determine the efficacy of the Help Hair Protein Shake, which showed an 89% increase in hair growth (and grafts), even in patients who had undergone a hair transplant six months earlier.

Accelerated Follicular Restoration: this is how the method was defined by Dr. Shapiro, thanks to the effectiveness of the results obtained.

Clinics, trichology specialists and industry experts today advocate its use for achieving optimal results in a short time.

Ultimately, Dr. Shapiro states that the use of anabolic steroids should be minimized or eliminated altogether to protect the health of hair. Additionally, he promotes the use of the Help Hair Shake protein preparation and the maintenance of a low anabolic/androgenic index.


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