Spermiogram: when it is useful to perform it – Dr. Massimo Gabellini

Spermyogram: when it is useful to perform it Considered for a long time as a simple ancillary examination to be referred to only in selected...
terminologia FUE feriduni

Insights into the Terminology of FUE Transplantation with Dr.Bijan Feriduni

Dr.Bijan presented a report on the terminology that is used in FUE transplantation by presenting the definitions commonly adopted by international surgeons.   Here is a...
calvizie e depressione

Baldness and Depression: cause or effect? – Article by Dr. Massimo Gabellini

Article written by Doctor Massimo Gabellini. Humor Disorders and Hair Loss: A Complex Relationship Mood disorders currently represent a rather widespread condition in the population, and...

Manual tools for FUE – BOLA analysis, presentation Dr. Chueco

Dr.Alejandro Chueco (http://www.injertocapilar.com.ar/) presented an interesting talk during the 2nd International Wold FUE Institute Workshop regarding hand tools used for FUE extraction. The first important...

Propecia and Minoxidil effective on the hairline?

Very often users and even some physicians advise against the use of Finasteride and Minoxidil in the frontal area by pointing out that these...

How long does a hair transplant last? Historical article by Dr. Massimo Gabellini, reviewed...

The decision to undergo hair transplantation surgery is almost always a painful choice, dictated primarily by discomfort imposed by hair loss and its associated...