Parietals (temple points): when to rebuild them and when not to, by BOLA

The parietal area (in English temple points) is one of those areas that most interest patients who often want to reconstruct them to frame...
alopecie cicatriziali trapianto capelli

Inflammatory alopecias post hair transplantation

Lichen Planus Pilare and Alopecia Areata Inflammatory alopecias represent a broad and often little-known chapter in trichology and evoke, when called upon, anxieties and fears...

Factors to consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic

What should be considered when choosing a hair transplant clinic? The hair transplant via Fue is probably one of the most popular surgeries for men...
densitĂ  nel trapianto di capelli

Understanding density in hair transplantation, a BOLA article

Density in hair transplantation, expectations and reality Trying to meet the patient's expectations in terms of density is certainly one of the most important goals...
finasteride gel 2,5%

Topical Finasteride (2.5% gel) – H&W Data on Preparation of Parati Pharmacy

What is Topical Finasteride (2.5% gel) ? For more than 20 years, finasteride, marketed as Propecia or in generic form, has been considered one of...
carenze alimentari e perdita dei capelli

Food deficiencies and hair loss, we are what we eat…

"We are what we eat," the famous phrase by the German philosopher Feuerbach highlighted how a person's eating habits could clearly explain his or...