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CBC Clinic is one of the leading international players in the field of Trichology.

CBC Clinic’s area of expertise extends from 4d liposculpture, for which it is remarkably well known, to plastic surgery treatments for face and body to hair transplantation.

Over time, CBC Clinic has acquired much expertise precisely in the field of baldness surgery, especially dealing withfUE autografts for men and women, DHI method, beard transplantation, and finally also laser and led trichological treatments.

His staff’s training in the field of transplantation has been carried out in different countries around the world, such as the United States, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Here, the doctors were able to acquire and refine skills regarding the Micro Fue transplantation technique, one of the most in-demand and complex.


Method and instrumentation

Hair transplantation techniques have changed considerably over time; there has been a shift from the FUT technique, with the harvesting of a lozenge of skin from the donor area, FUE, where follicles are harvested individually by a very small instrument, and finally Micro FUE, performed with even smaller and more precise instrumentation.

CBC Clinic has chosen Sapphire FUE, the latest cutting-edge technology available today, which allows very high precision with sapphire blades, albeit with small scalpel size.

It also has minimal invasiveness in terms of scarring, visible marks, and suturing.

The V-shape conformation of the instrument used is perfectly suited for cases of thinning areas without damaging the follicles present.

The sapphire blades were created to be able to speed up and promote faster healing, due to the opening of smaller micro channels. Being, then, very sharp, they cause less bleeding. The risks of allergic reactions are also completely absent. CBC Clinic employs a team that can follow the patient through all stages of the procedure, from planning, to transplantation to postoperative recovery.

CBC Clinic instrumentation also includes the use of the implanter pen.

Its use is optimal especially for cases where one does not want to opt for shaving the hair in the recipient area.

This problem occurs especially in female transplant cases, where the psychological aspect in shaving plays an important role.

CBC Clinic values the naturalness of post-transplant results, so the previous preparatory phase and surgical plan is discussed in detail with each patient.

Operations performed:

Total surgeries Hair transplantation with micro FUE technique (data updated to June 2020):1600 CASES

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