Cleansing, a valuable ally for our hair

detersione dei capelli


In order to have stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair, we should learn to take care of it with the same attention that many people give, for example, to the skin on their face. This is not a triviality: in fact, we often tend to underestimate the importance of the scalp, which, on the other hand, is crucial for hair growth, and therefore must be given special consideration when it comes to the cleansing step in the haircare routine.

Our allies: microbiota and hydrolipidic film

Just as with the skin, in fact, the surface of the scalp also contains microorganisms, pathogenic and non-pathogenic, that make up the microbiota. A symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship is established between scalp and microbiota: the microbiota can proliferate thanks to the scalp, but in return it maintains its hydration, protecting it from pathogenic germs.

Another important element in scalp health is the hydrolipid film, a mixture of water and lipids produced at the skin level that covers the surface of the skin and hair, protecting it and maintaining its homeostasis. Together, microbiota and hydrolipidic film prevent the development of pathological conditions, such as dandruff, or uncomfortable situations such as itching, flaking, and hair loss.

How to choose the right shampoo

To maintain the balance between microbiota and hydrolipidic film, so valuable for the health of our hair, gentle cleansing is essential, especially in case of specific scalp needs. Therefore, it is better to prefer a shampoo or cleansing treatment that is well tolerated and safe to use, and that respects the hydrolipid film, the skin pH, the resident microbiota and the physiology of the hair structure.

Without forgetting the more pleasant side: a shampoo must also be pleasant to use, smell good, have the right consistency, and be easy to rinse.

Shampoo formulations involve a balance between surfactants, which determine the cleansing power of the product, and from other active ingredients that take care of the protective capacity of the fiber.

Gentle treatment prefers mild anionic surfactants, particularly protein hydrolysates, which act by protecting the fiber, and nonionic surfactants, obtained from sugars. Probiotics and prebiotics, on the other hand, represent one of the latest innovations among the actives indicated for scalp care: they can be identified in formulations as sugar derivatives or ingredients derived from Lactobacillus. In the case of a scalp that tends to be oily, actives capable of rebalancing sebaceous secretion can be useful, restoring the balance of the skin. Also important are antioxidant actives, which protect the cells of the scalp and hair bulb from oxidative stress, thus helping to maintain a healthy environment conducive to healthy, strong hair growth.


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