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Dr. Ilker Apaydin

Dr.Ilker Apaydin was born in 1967 in Ankara.

He received his medical degree from the prestigious medical school of Ankara University. After completing his internship as a reconstructive plastic surgeon at the medical school of the same university he started working in both private and public hospitals.

Dr.Apaydin is one of the few plastic surgeons who decided, since 2006, to focus exclusively on baldness surgery. From 2006 to 2012 he worked as chief plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Transmed Clinic and in 2012 he decided to open his own clinic, Dr.Ilker Apaydin Clinic.

During his career as a hair surgeon he has operated on over 8000 patients from 40 different countries.

He is a member of Ishrs since 2008 and in 2011 he was a faculty member during the important ISHRS workshop on FUE technique.

Dr. Apaydin personally performs all the surgeries, taking care of the removal of the lozenge and the incisions in case of FUT and part of the extractions and the opening of the canals in case of FUE, in order to assure his patients the highest possible quality standard.

Dr. Apaydin is an expert in both strip (FUT) and combo FUE+FUT procedures, he works with both men and women and is also specialized in beard and eyebrow reconstruction.

The doctor also has extensive experience in corrective surgeries to improve the appearance of patients who have undergone previous hair transplant surgeries with unsuccessful results and aesthetic damage.

Dr.Apaydin says of himself:

“I have always been a person known to be very attentive to the quality of services and products in my personal life. Therefore, I strive to offer the best quality to my patients as well. Hair transplant surgery is a great team effort. My team is composed of experienced nurses who are able to help me in providing the patient with the best possible result.”

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Dr. Ilker Apaydin