Dr. Koray Erdogan


Dr. Koray Erdogan graduated in 1994 from Hacettepe University (Ankara), Faculty of Medicine, and performed his compulsory medical service in Kastamonu.

He then attended the Faculty of Thoracic Surgery at Marmara University in Istanbul and served in a Coronary Intensive Care Unit.

He started working in the field of baldness treatment in 2000, assisting several surgeons in their private clinics.

Below is the direct link to the surgeon’s facility: https://bit.ly/2qq3cfe


Erdogan Koray – Founder of ASMED Clinic in Turkey.

In 2001 he opened his own clinic in Istanbul – ASMED – with his first assistant Dilek Cakir.

He started performing operations via FUE in 2004, working with both FUT and FUE technique.

In 2005, he realized that patients operated via FUE had similar results and were even more satisfied than those operated via FUT, due to less trauma and less visible scarring with short hair.

In 2006, he developed his own tools and technique for graft extraction via FUE, renamed “DES” (also known as ‘SEQUENTIAL TECHNIQUE’, published by the Research Committee of the International Society for Baldness Care and Surgery in November/December 2013).

He participated as Professor (performing operations and demonstrating his technique) in the II Mediterranean FUE Workshop (where I was a guest), which was held in Madrid in May 2013.
He was invited to participate as Professor during the recent 21st Annual Meeting of the ISHRS (workshop), which took place in San Francisco (where I participated as exibitor) from October 23-26, 2013.

Currently, Dr. Koray Erdogan exclusively performs operations via the FUE procedure in the ASMED Medical Center in Istanbul, with the assistance of 4 other doctors and 20 nurses. The Clinic receives patients from all over the world: 90% of them come from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, USA and Australia.


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