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Hair Transplantation for Scar Removal – Does it work?

Introduction to Hair Transplants For those with visible scars on their scalp that affect their aesthetics and self-esteem, hair transplantation can be a viable solution....

Nanoxidil – the new alternative to Minoxidil

In August 2011, a cosmetic company, Divine Skin Inc. launched a new molecule to treat hair loss. The molecule, called nanoxidil, was developed to exceed...

Hair transplantation before and after – important steps and details

First of all, rely on qualified personnel When you decide to undergo a hair transplant by relying on experienced hands, you are always looking for...

Can I get a hair transplant? – 10 Basic Rules

How can I tell if I can get a hair transplant? - Quality 1 - Reject any surgery that does not mention grafting of follicular...
cosa fare il giorno dopo del trapianto

What to do the day after hair transplant? How should you behave?

The day of hair transplant surgery at Dr. Resul Yaman's clinic represents a pivotal moment for those facing the problem of hair loss. This...
estrazione FUE manuale

Manual FUE Hair Transplantation: Innovations and Advantages in Dr. Resul Yaman’s Technique

Manual FUE hair transplantation is an advanced and refined technique in the field of aesthetic medicine, intended to solve the problem of hair loss...