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Dr. Resul Yaman

Dr. Yaman’s path to hair transplantation

During his years of study at the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Yaman faced problems with hair loss. This led him to become more interested in hair transplantation. He then undertook research on the subject and quickly realized that hair transplantation is the ultimate solution to combat hair loss. In 2008, he also underwent a hair transplant on himself.

The opening of Dr. Yaman’s clinic

In 2009, Dr. Yaman opened his clinic, turning his passion for solving hair loss problems into a dedicated career. He has obtained the necessary certificates and keeps himself constantly updated on the latest developments in the field, operating on his patients with his extensive experience and scientific expertise.

Why choose Dr. Resul Yaman?

If you are looking for a solution to your hair problems, Dr. Yaman is the right choice for you. Listed below are some reasons why you should choose Dr. Yaman:
Istanbul is the ideal place for a hair transplant in Turkey because of the experience accumulated by the many clinics and doctors in the city.
Dr. Yaman is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey.
He uses the latest and safest techniques, allowing for results suited to each patient’s needs.
In Dr. Yaman’s clinic, there are 15 physicians specializing in different areas.
Dr. Yaman is personally involved in every hair transplant surgery, minimizing risks through his experience and expertise.
Dr. Yaman designs a hairline suited to the proportion of the patient’s face and personally manages all important phases of the operation.
He operates in the field of hair surgery with a medical, not commercial, approach and accepts a limited number of patients per day to ensure perfect results.

International Recognitions and Reviews

Dr. Resul Yaman keeps abreast of current escientific developments in the field of hair transplantation, combining science and art to achieve the best possible results. His personal presence during all operations is a significant benefit to patients.

Dr. Yaman is highly regarded and recommended in several international hair transplant forums:

He is among the recommended doctors in American and British forums, such as Hairtransplantnetwork and Baldtruthtalk.
In the Italian BELLICAPELLI forum, he is considered one of the leading doctors in the field.
He is also recommended by the International Hairloss Forum, the most visited forum in France on hair transplantation.

You can read the comments of numerous patients on the Spanish RecoveryHair forum, one of the most read in the country about hair transplantation.
With more than 13 years of experience and hundreds of hair transplants performed worldwide, Dr. Resul Yaman is at the pinnacle of his profession due to his knowledge and development of techniques. He is counted among the most renowned hair transplant surgeons internationally.

You can follow Dr. Yaman on YouTube and on his social media accounts to see results from previous patients and learn more about the techniques he uses.

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Dr. Resul Yaman