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How to Improve Hair Health by Sleeping Well: Complete Guide

The quality of sleep is a key factor affecting several aspects of our health, including the health of our hair. While we sleep, the...
Doku arc, il trapianto di capelli scientifico

Revolution in Hair Transplantation: The Technological Innovation of Doku Studio Arc

The Future of Hair Transplantation: Doku Studio Arc The world of hair transplantation is witnessing a technological revolution with the introduction of the Doku Studio...

The psychological process of hair transplantation

All those who opt that make the decision to undergo a hair transplant go through a process characterized by several steps that we can...
choi implanter pen

The CHOI implanter pen, the choice of Dr. Serkan Aygin

Variables for choosing the tool to engage UFs The degree of thinning of the affected area the quality of the donor area the amount...

The role of Finasteride therapy before and after hair transplantation

The Finasteride is a great help in case of androgenetic alopecia and also for those undergoing a hair transplant. This drug, whose active ingredient...

Hair transplantation – suitable conditions and determining factors

When we talk about hair transplant we must certainly take into account what are the characteristics suitable to undergo the procedure. As you can imagine...