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Dr. Serkan Aygin

Dr. Serkan Aygin, born in 1968, graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in medicine at the age of 23. After completing his basic studies, he chose to deepen his knowledge in pharmacology by earning a master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology at the same university.

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During this experience he also had the opportunity to train in the field of dermatology, since the program included a period of training in this field at Vakıf Gureba Hospital. He worked there as a dermatologist and later as a tricologist. This gave him the opportunity to approach the world of hair loss and learn the most advanced techniques available in the field at the time. We are talking about 1996.


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The beginning of Dr. Serkan Aygin’s career

In 2001, Dr. Serkan Aygin began working at the “Med Hair” clinic, already established in the hair transplantation industry since 1973. Here, since 2003, he has been performing hair transplants using the techniques he learned during his studies. In particular, the doctor has been experimenting with the FUT transplantation technique for some time. Aiming at continuous personal improvement, and not entirely satisfied with the results obtained with this method, the doctor continued to specialize and began to use the more modern FUE technique. Finding the latter more functional and less invasive, from that moment on he focused on perfecting it, succeeding in guaranteeing optimal results on thousands of patients.


The “Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic”

In 2013 the “Med Hair” clinic changed its name to “Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic” and the doctor became its director. His staff is carefully chosen and specialized. The clinic, a top-notch facility, now has 10 surgical rooms dedicated solely to hair transplants. Each one presents extremely specific equipment and respects the strictest hygienic modules.

Serkan: A world-renowned surgeon

Beyond his career in Turkey, Dr. Serkan Aygin has been able to make himself widely known abroad as well. Having been one of the first to perform hair transplantation in Turkey and always getting positive feedback, his fame and that of his qualified clinic has been growing over time all over the world. In particular, the name of the doctor is particularly well known both in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Germany…) and in Asia (Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon…).

In addition to his passion for the medical and trichological field, the doctor is also an art collector and a lover of precious works, of which he owns a discrete collection. His artistic taste is also useful during the realization of transplants.

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Dr. Serkan Aygin