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Eyelash Transplantation with FUE Technique: An Innovative Solution for a Seductive Look

Eyelash transplantation using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique represents a significant innovation in the field of aesthetic surgery, offering a lasting solution for...
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What is Creatine and what is the correlation with hair loss

Introduction to Creatine and Its Multifaceted Characteristics Creatine, an amino acid known for its use in the world of fitness and sports, has attracted wide...

Biomimetic peptides – a cure for baldness

Let's see what are the hair wellness benefits brought by Biomimetic Peptides, on all types of hair loss Biomimetic Peptides can be considered a truly...

Tinea capitis, an infection caused by fungal action

Tinea capitis is an infestation caused by fungal action that affects the scalp, with a propensity to attack the hair shaft and follicles. It...

Prostaglandin PGD2 and baldness – a follicle killer

The negative role of prostaglandin PGD2 in hair health Some recent clinical research has shown the interaction that exists between prostaglandins and hair follicular cycle. Let's...

How to sleep after a hair transplant?

Many patients worry about how they should take care of their new, fragile follicular units as they leave the clinic to return home. One...