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Dr. Vincenzo Masullo

Dr Vincenzo Masullo graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the II University of Naples.

He continues his path of specialization, first in Microsurgery always at the University of Naples, then in Dermosurgery at the University of Siena.

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Driven more and more by his passion, he continues his academic training, achieving specific Master’s degrees:

    • Master in Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Milan
    • Master’s Degree in Plastic Surgery at the University of Padua;
    • Master’s Degree in Hair Loss Surgery at the University of Florence
    • Master in Tricological Sciences at the University of Florence

The strong passion for his work, has led him to important and significant comparisons and collaborations with the best surgeons in the field, such as Dr Ronald Shapiro, Dr Christian Bisanga, Dr Piero Tesauro, Dr Timothy P. Carman.

He is a member of the most important associations in the field: since 2005 he has been a voting member of the ISHRS, one of the most important worldwide organizations in the field of hair restoration surgery; he is a member of the World FUE Institute, of the S.I.Tri. (Italian Society of Trichology) and other important organizations in the field.
He constantly participates in seminars, workshops, events and congresses of the sector, both nationally and internationally.

He has thirty years of experience in the field of surgery: in 1992 his first professional surgical experience in collaboration with Dr Masullo, today, he is among the most esteemed surgeons specialized in hair transplantation with FUE technique.

In the past, the most advanced technique was the FUT (Strip Extraction), whose mode of execution involves surgical cutting, that is, the extraction of a strip of skin from the nape of the neck for the removal of follicular units: with his team, Dr Masullo has performed several operations using this technique but, although the results were unquestionably excellent, since 2007 he chooses to use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique, considering it much less invasive and more functional even to what were the patients’ requests, maintaining excellent quality and quantity standards and always natural results, specializing and becoming a reference point in the field.

Dr Masullo uses a manual micro punch with a diameter of 0,6 / 0,8 millimeters reducing the traumaticity to the follicular units in the act of extraction.

Dr. Masullo lives his profession with dedication and gratification: he constantly and tirelessly follows his patients, supporting and accompanying them throughout the whole process, from the pre-operative consultation to the post-operative and throughout the phase of actual hair regrowth.

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Dr. Vincenzo Masullo