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da terminale a vellus

From terminal to Vellus, degrees of hair dysplasia

Baldness, particularly androgenetic baldness, is a condition that has plagued humanity for centuries. As science and medicine have advanced, numerous treatments have been developed...
TDF (Two Days Fue)

Innovative Hair Transplantation in Two Days: Discover the TDF Method at Esteworld

The TDF (Two Days Fue) method is an advanced technology in the field of hair transplantation. It primarily targets men with a high degree...

Hairline, Temples and Temporal Zone.

The word stemplification refers to a reduction in the quantity and quality of hair in the temple area that produces a receding of the...

Can I get a hair transplant? – 10 Basic Rules

How can I tell if I can get a hair transplant? - Quality 1 - Reject any surgery that does not mention grafting of follicular...

Eyebrow transplantation, how it works and when it can be performed

Eyebrows are one of the most underrated components of facial features. Eyebrows define the space between a person's eyes and forehead and give greater...
come si valuta il risultato di un trapianto

How to evaluate the outcome of a hair transplant?

Most people who undergo a hair transplant do so thinking that this is the fastest and most effective solution to solve a problem that...