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Cleansing, a valuable ally for our hair

The IMPORTANCE OF HAIRCARE ROUTINE In order to have stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair, we should learn to take care of it with the...
finasteride gel 2,5%

Topical Finasteride (2.5% gel) – H&W Data on Preparation of Parati Pharmacy

What is Topical Finasteride (2.5% gel) ? For more than 20 years, finasteride, marketed as Propecia or in generic form, has been considered one of...

Farmacia Parati: Effective active ingredients for hair care

Orally or topically active agents for hair care Seasonal changes, stressful situations, an unbalanced diet or the use of certain medications for prolonged periods of...

Beauty Routine with lemon

The lemon and its benefits for skin and hair In every season of the year, citrus fruits have always been our faithful allies: in nutrition,...

Dutasteride VS Finasteride

Many people wonder which drug is the best for the treatment of baldness between Dutasteride and Finasteride. This article aims precisely to compare these...