Football players and hair: who had transplants, who wears prosthetics, who has resigned?


A few years ago there were no social networks and the media interest in the physical appearance of football players was not so strong.

Today the rules of the game have changed and footballers and their coaches are under 24-hour observation.

In this series of articles we want to show a photographic collection of active footballers, former players and coaches who have undergone hair transplantation, who have opted for a prosthesis or who have simply accepted baldness and shaved.

For those who have undergone hair transplantation we will also try to give the name of the clinic where they underwent surgery, our sources are absolutely first class since sometimes the founder of the forum Bola could meet some of these “vip patients” during live consultations or received the “tip” directly from the surgeon who performed the operation.

So we begin our research with this first article in the series.

Football players and coaches who have undergone hair transplants

ANTONIO CONTE: 3 hair transplants via Fut/strip – 2 in Italy and the last one with Dr.Victor Hasson in 2007

Let’s start with one of the most famous and most discussed cases on the web, that of the current coach of the Italian champion Inter team, Antonio Conte.

Born in 1969, Antonio Conte began to lose his hair at the end of his career as a footballer.

He probably inherited the gene from his father’s side (his father is a NW6).

His baldness was classifiable at the time of the first 2 transplants performed in Italy as NW 4 A with an intact crown area as we can see in the pictures below.

Antonio Conte before undergoing hair transplant

The first two transplants carried out using the FUT/STRIP technique with an Italian surgeon who at that time (early 2000s) was in vogue did not produce the desired results despite Conte’s initial enthusiasm.

The problems encountered were low density, upward hair direction, and a scar due to the harvest that had become diastatic (enlarged). The image below shows the situation before the surgery carried out in Canada with Dr. Victor Hasson.

Antonio Conte after the 2 Fut surgeries in Italy
Antonio Conte’s result after the two transplants in Italy

Poor Conte had tried to cover the scar with a tattoo that later turned blue. Trichopigmentation didn’t exist yet….

Antonio Conte after the two transplants in Italy and with the tattoo on his scar

In 2007 thanks to a thorough research done by his cousin Antonio Conte he turned to Dr.Victor Hasson at the Hasson&Wong Clinic in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Hasson suggested Conte leave the old scar behind and perform a new FUT, this time obtaining 4477 follicular units that were used to reconstruct the entire frontal area for the result that Conte still maintains today, almost 14 years later.

The crown area has not been treated and for several years Conte has been on Finasteride therapy.

In 2011 in an interview with Iene, Antonio Conte himself made a half confession saying the famous phrase “10,000 dollars and you pass the fear”. We leave you the video.

If you continue to have doubts, we leave you an image of Antonio Conte in Vancouver with the consultant for Italy of Hasson&Wong, Lorenzo taken a few days before the operation.


Antonio Conte in Vancouver in 2007 for his transplant

To date, the result of the Antonio Conte’s hair transplant still holds up after almost 14 years.


GIANFRANCO ZOLA: 1 surgery in Italy via strip with Dr.Piero Tesauro (CIRCA 3000 U.F) and a combo FUT+FUE of 5000 u.f total in 2017 with Dr.Victor Hasson

Class of 1966, who doesn’t remember the tightrope walker Gianfranco Zola who inherited Diego Armando Maradona’s jersey at Napoli in the early 90s.

The good Zola could boast of an enviable hairdo when he was young, but by the end of his career as a footballer he was already beginning to show the first signs of a rather aggressive caldness.

Gianfranco Zola before the hair transplant

Gianfranco Zola at the beginning of his coaching career showed a calvices classifiable as NW 4 A with the entire frontal now seriously compromised.

In this photo from 2010 when he was coach of Watford we can see the pre-transplant situation.

Gianfranco Zola before hair transplants, a clear NW4A

Discouraged by the situation of his hair Zola decided to undergo a hair transplantation and his choice was to rely on one of the most valid surgeons in Italy, the Dr. Piero Tesauro, which grafted about 3000 follicular units via strip.

Zola got a decent aesthetic result as you can see from these photographs dating back to 2014-2015 when he sat on the bench of Cagliari.

Of course the density was not high but the coverage could be defined as sufficient and the improvement was clear compared to the starting situation.

The result of Gianfranco Zola after the hair transplant with Dott.Piero Tesauro
Gianfranco Zola after transplant with Dr.Piero Tesauro

In half of 2017 Zola decided he wanted to further improve the appearance of his hair, as his baldness had also begun to affect the crown-vertex area.

Like his friend Antonio Conte, he turned to Dr.Victor Hasson at the Vancouver clinic and underwent a combo FUT (4000 grafts) + FUE (1000 grafts) surgery with an absolutely excellent result that you can appreciate in these photographs. The aim of the surgery was to give more density, coverage and naturalness to the frontal and to treat the crown area.

Result of hair transplant of Gianfranco Zola with Dr.Victor Hasson


Zola’s stunning hair today, after nearly 5000 follicular units with Dr.Hasson

ANDROS TOWNSEND: 1 mega strip session with Dr.Jerry Wong (Hasson&Wong)

English soccer player of 30 years in force at Crystal Palace his is one of the most successful cases of hair transplantation in patients of color.

Townsend suffered from a rather aggressive baldness despite his young age, classifiable as a NW4A and had tried to temporarily remedy it with a tricopigmentation as we can see from the image below.

Townsend before hair transplantation with Dr. Wong
The trichopigmentation Andros Townsend had undergone

After a long search he turned to Dr.Jerry Wong one of the most experienced baldness surgeons in the world.

Considering the characteristics of the patient and the type of afro hair Dr. Wong opted for a megasession FUT (strip) of over 4000 follicular units and the stunning result is there for all to see.

The spectacular result achieved by Townsend, by Dr. Jerry Wong

PATRICE EVRA: 1 megasession strip from over 4000 follicular units with Dr.Jerry Wong

Juventus fans will remember the good Patrice Evra and especially that unswept ball in the famous game with Bayern Munich.

Just turned 40, Evra was one of the first footballers to publicly declare that he wanted to undergo a hair transplant on his Instagram channel, also tagging the clinic he had chosen.

Patrice Evra asking for help to Hasson&Wong to solve his baldness

The Dr.Jerry Wong also in the case of Evra opted for a hair transplant with strip technique, since the Afro characteristics of follicles lent themselves to this technique. Evra presented with diffuse frontal thinning.

Evra’s baldness had affected the entire frontal

The good Patrice in one of his classic video shows himself thrilled with the result obtained after the grafting of more than 4000 follicular units..

The photos leave no room for doubt, it is an excellent result!

Result of Patrice Evra after transplantation with Dr.Wong

So far we have seen cases of footballers who underwent surgery via FUT, let’s now deal with surgery via FUE.

DAVID SILVA: Hairline reconstruction via FUE with Dr.Juan Couto

Class of 1986, world champion with Spain in 2016 and until last year one of the pillars of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

David Silva had deep stemming that he corrected with a Fue dense pack surgery performed by Dr.Juan Couto.

David Silva, first after a few months and after the hair transplant with Dr.Juan Couto
The before and after shows an excellent result obtained by David Silva

We believe that between 2500 and 3000 follicular units via FUE were used for an excellent result.

David Silva now presents a dense hairline by Dr.Couto

JAVIER FARINOS: 4350 grafts Fue with Dr.Juan Couto

Inter fans will remember the good Javier Farinos who played for their team for 3 seasons. In this image we see him with Andrea Pirlo.

Farinos with the Inter jersey

This is one of the few well-documented cases of hair transplantation of a footballer: 4350 grafts FUE surgery performed by Dr.Juan Couto.

We show you the pre-operative photos, those of the surgery and those of the final result.

Javier Farinos before hair transplant
Javier Farinos Fue surgery with Dr.Couto

Javier Farinos’ hair transplant result
Javier Farinos with Dr. Couto of the Fue Expert clinic

DIEGO LOPEZ: Fue surgery with Dr. Juan Couto

Born in 1981, goalkeeper who has worn the jersey of Real Madrid and Milan was the predecessor of Donnarumma at Milan.

Diego Lopez presented a thinning type NW 4 and has undergone a FUE surgery in our opinion by about 3500-3800 grafts, many rumors lead us to believe that he also turned to Dr.Couto..

The before-after shows us an excellent result.

The before-and-after of Diego Lopez’s hair transplant


Former Portuguese footballer, class of 1981 was Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammate in the Portuguese national team.

Li most likely will have received the suggestion to undergo hair transplantation at the Insparya clinic of which he then agreed to be testimonial…

Raul Meireles promoting Insparya clinic

Oddly enough his image has been removed from the site..the result as you can appreciate from the photos below is remarkable.

Raul Meires before the hair transplant
Meireles new look after Fue hair transplant


One of the most recent cases is that of the third goalkeeper of Juventus, Carlo Pinsoglio who has turned to the clinic of which his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo is a partner to reconstruct the frontal area with a intervention via FUE.

Carlo Pinsoglio in 2018 before the hair transplant

Some images let a good result shine through while others a little less so.

Carlo Pinsoglio after Fue transplant at Insparya

To the readers, the arduous judgment….

We close here this first article dedicated to football players/coaches transplanted of which it is possible to trace the clinic that performed the operation…

In the next article we will deal with other surgery of football players and former players who have undergone hair transplantation but of which is uncertain the doctor / clinic to which they have relied.

Stay Tuned!!!

Football players and hair: who had transplants, who wears prosthetics, who has resigned?


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