Hair supplements, a valid aid against aging


Hair supplements: how to counteract the effects of age

With the advancement of age, many people experience some discomfort related to a progressive deterioration of the health of their hair: in addition to a visible increase in hair loss, in fact, it is possible to go through periods of dullness and dehydration, but it is also possible to notice a general thinning and thinning of the hair, less and less healthy.

In short, after a certain age, for some people hair decreases, becoming dull and weak, and the problem, initially manageable, may soon become evident.

There are, however, vitamins and minerals that can counteract and slow down this process, helping us to quickly return to a situation of stability: examples are vitamins A, B, C and E, but also minerals such as zinc, with a sebum-regulating capacity, magnesium, iron (which prevents hair loss), silicon and copper (which is also capable of controlling the regular pigmentation of the hair).

A healthy diet, rich in these elements, can help our exhausted and dull hair to recover its lost balance.
In some cases, you can also rely on some integrators for hair available in all pharmacies, made specifically to safeguard the health of our head: it is an example Bioscalin Tricoage 45+, indicated for all those who, from 45 years, begin to experience the first discomfort.

This product, also perfect for women, counteracts the decline in hair health due to increasing age, relying on principles contained in fermented soybeans, wakame seaweed, biogenin, zinc, copper, rutin and folic acid.

The ideal is to use these products once a day, with constancy: after a few weeks the first results will already be visible and the general condition of our hair will begin to improve.

Therefore, a good diet and the right supplements can help us to effectively take care of our hair, acting on thickness, color and resistance: just a few steps are enough to counteract the first signs of aging.

Physiological aging is not the only possible cause of a reduction in the quality and quantity of your hair. I always recommend a specialist visit in order to obtain an accurate trichological diagnosis.


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