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The self-transplantation, which represents the surgical solution to baldness, can be performed in case the density is below a critical level and there is a donor area sufficiently rich in hair follicles so that it is not damaged in case of removal.

This is the only solution available to get a satisfactory and natural result.

Auto-transplantation consists of three steps: harvesting of the follicular units, incision of the recipient area and grafting of the follicular units.


First step of autotransplantation.

The follicular unit harvesting phase can be done by two techniques, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT, FUSS, STRIP method) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE, single follicular unit extraction).

FUT and FUE are therefore not two transplantation techniques, but rather harvesting techniques.

The second and third phases of the operation are common to all transplants. It is unfortunately very easy to come across misleading or incorrect information about the two techniques online.
The success of a transplant depends on the skills of the team that performs it and not on the technique used.


Second phase of autotransplantation.

The second phase of autotransplantation consists of incision of the recipient area with the help of blades adapted to the characteristics of the patient’s follicular units.

These incisions will heal without leaving visible scars, unlike the holes caused by the punch that was used in the past.

Some surgeons prefer to use an instrument called an implanter pen. These are pen-like instruments that are used to graft follicular units without the need to previously create incisions.

This method is generally not the most widely used. This stage of the operation is very important as it defines the distribution of the hair, as well as the density and direction.


Third step of the autotransplantation.

The last step of the autograft consists in grafting the follicular units inside the incisions. An average autotransplantation session, with the grafting of 2500-3000 follicular units, lasts between 7 and 9 hours.


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