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choi implanter pen

The CHOI implanter pen, the choice of Dr. Serkan Aygin

Variables for choosing the tool to engage UFs The degree of thinning of the affected area the quality of the donor area the amount...
anestesia locale trapianto capelli

Not just local anesthesia – Karaaltin Hair Clinic

One of the biggest mistakes made during hair transplant surgery is definitely the overdose of local anesthesia. The maximum dose of local anesthetic that contains...

Surgical treatment of scarring alopecias

Cychial Alopecia: definition The term Cychial Alopecia is used to indicate the definitive loss of hair follicles and hair, usually in patches, whatever the cause....

How to sleep after a hair transplant?

Many patients worry about how they should take care of their new, fragile follicular units as they leave the clinic to return home. One...

Hair transplantation – suitable conditions and determining factors

When we talk about hair transplant we must certainly take into account what are the characteristics suitable to undergo the procedure. As you can imagine...

Use of implanter (CHOI/Lion) in baldness surgery – BOLA article

An implanter pen is an instrument used by surgeons to transfer a follicular unit into the scalp. It can be used by both surgeons...