Hasci – Hair transplant: where do I go?


Nowadays about 40% of men are affected by the condition of Baldness.

This undoubtedly creates discomfort both psychologically and physically, of course.

Fortunately, thanks to innovation in technology, science, and medicine, hair loss can now be remedied through multiple solutions in the medical and non-medical fields.

One can resort to the use of prostheses to conceal thinning hair, therapeutic treatments to stimulate hair follicles and revive hair; Tricopigmentation or hair transplantation.

The moment we decide to address the problem, however, the first question we ask ourselves is: where do I start? Who should I turn to?


The important factors to evaluate within a clinic

To quickly and effectively solve the problem of baldness, many people decide to resort to Hair Transplantation (also called Autotransplantation).

As we know there are so many clinics that perform this type of surgery all over the world; but how do you decide which clinic is the best?

Since this is a surgical procedure, it is expected that this will be performed excellently, unfortunately, however, this is not always the case.

That is why you need to do a lot of information and be able to find the best clinic, but most importantly, the best professionals.

The factors that should jump out at you to be able to determine the competence of a clinic are:

  • Competencies: those who perform the surgery should know the best techniques, know how to put them into practice and ensure the health of the patient.
  • Empathy: the surgeon must be able to put the patient at ease, accompany the patient all the way and explain all aspects of the surgery in detail.
  • Hygiene: the patient must be greeted in a clean place, with up-to-date equipment, and must be able to rely on a team of kind and knowledgeable assistants.


The surgeon and his team

The first impact that the patient has with the clinic concerns precisely the relationship between the patient and the staff of the clinic.

The medical surgeon who performs the surgery must be a professional who specializes in all techniques, even the most cutting-edge ones.

At his side, it is very important to find a team that supports him and facilitates his work, they must be well-trained, professional people who know perfectly all the moments involved in the surgery, from the necessary equipment to the procedures, even the simplest ones.

Transplant procedures adopted by the best clinics

Thanks to innovation in technology, today it is possible to take advantage of surgical procedures that are always less invasive, safer and effective to achieve the best aesthetic result.

The best European hair transplant clinics use regenerative medicine transplantation techniques such as the HST (Hair Stemcell Transplantation) technique, one of the best techniques that reproduce the best results even for people suffering from a more complex pathological condition.


How much does a transplant cost?

Another very important factor to consider when we have to choose a clinic that performs transplants is the cost of the surgery.

One thing is for sure, the price of a procedure such as a hair transplant has so many variables, the technique, the duration of the procedure, the amount of follicles that need to be extracted etc.

The price ranges from 5000 to 13000 euros.

That said, one should never be fooled by those offering very low prices: it is a very important warning that could indicate unprofessionalism, poor quality, or poor hygiene conditions.

Where can I find the best centers where I can undergo hair transplant surgery?

There are thousands of clinics all over the world, and in this article we can confirm that some of the best ones where hair transplantation is performed are located in Italy.

So, one just has to look hard, get well informed and never compromise, but instead persist and find reliable, serious and professional clinics that can meet the patient’s all-around demands.


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