Hasci – Hair transplantation: the 5 main things to know about this topic

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Hair loss is a problem that unfortunately affects both men and women, albeit with different percentages. It is an inconvenience on a physical, aesthetic but also psychological level, as it does to undermine a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

Today, we can say that thanks to technology and, innovation in medicine, there are a variety of solutions to resort to the problem of Baldness.

Below we select the 5 basic things to know abouthair transplantation (or self-transplantation).


Autotransplantation and cloning

Although hair transplantation may seem to be the most effective but especially the fastest solution, it is not always the right one for everyone.

It is advisable to have a consultation with a professional to analyze your case before jumping headlong into hair transplantation.

Since it is still an operation, however, the specialist may propose a less invasive solution such as thinning recovery or PRP, or platelet-rich plasma.

It is recommended that hair transplantation be used only after it has been determined that all other solutions are ineffective or unsuitable for one’s specific case.

The techniques used by professionals for hair transplantation: FUE and FUT or Strip

In order to perform an autograft, there are two different techniques: the STRIP or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) technique and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique.

While the former involves the incision of a strip of skin that may contain about 4000 follicular units, the latter involves the harvesting of the same without necessarily having to cut a part of the skin tissue..

There is no one technique better than the other, but simply there is the right technique for a given case of Baldness, which will not be chosen by the patient, but rather by the surgeon who will perform the procedure.

Hair cloning, what is it?

As already mentioned, in addition to hair transplantation there are other solutions to cover a thinning hair; among them we find hair cloning (also known as hair multiplication).

The patient, together with the surgeon, may opt for this technique, which would allow hair loss to be stopped.

The procedure involvestaking follicular cells from the “live” areas of the skin to implant them, clone them, and multiply them in the “dead” areas so as to have more even hair production again.

Better to pay a higher price but be sure you are in the right hands

Hair transplantation has now become a huge business both for professionals who have been practicing this operation for 20 years and for those who promise false solutions.

It onlytakesa moment to fall into the trap and that is why you need to take some precautions when you go into the web to find the best clinic where you can undergo the transplant.

One must always inform oneself well about the surgeon in question who is to perform the surgery, his studies, years of experience in the field, whether he has taken refresher courses, etc..

Let us always remember that actions must speak, rather than words.

To be able to perform such an operation, the surgeon must be supported by several people: an anesthesiologist and at least 5 surgical nurses.

As forthe price of the operation, this can vary depending on the technique used, the sessions scheduled to achieve the final goal and/or the amount of follicular units to be transplanted.

These range from 4000 to 6000 for transplantation with FUE technique and from 3000 to 6500 for transplantation with FUT technique.

In conclusion, we remind those who may be reading this article and are still hesitant on the subject, that hair transplant surgery is nothing so invasive.

It is an operation performed in total safety, with no chance of contracting infection or suffering rejection. There will be a post-transplant treatment protocol but nothing more.


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