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Hasci – Hair transplantation: the evolution of surgery

Nowadays, about 60% of men and 50% of women are affected by hair loss. Since this is a aesthetic discomfort that also affects an individual's...
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Hasci – Hair transplantation: the 5 main things to know about this topic

Hair loss is a problem that unfortunately affects both men and women, albeit with different percentages. It is an inconvenience on a physical, aesthetic...
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Evolution of the human follicular unit – Hasci Italy

Hair disorders, such as alopecia, have a significant social and psychological influence. This is especially true for those who have lost their hair due...

Hasci – Hair transplant: where do I go?

Nowadays about 40% of men are affected by the condition of Baldness. This undoubtedly creates discomfort both psychologically and physically, of course. Fortunately, thanks to innovation...
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Hasci – HST “Hair StemCell Transplantation,” partial cloning of follicular units with (PL-FUT)

Hair Science Institute, with European offices in Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, London, Maastricht and Cap d'Antibes, is an institute specializing in the field of hair...
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Scarless hair transplantation: is it really possible?

According to the data provided and what we have always been taught, those who undergo a hair transplant with the FUE or FUT (Strip)...