How long does tricopigmentation last? My experience.


I get dozens of questions every week like, “how long does tricopigmentation last?”

: “Can we really consider it reversible? Is the disappearance natural or are spots created?”

In photography: Stefano of BlogCalvizie, a real photograph that tells part of the story of my tricopigmentation..

how to know sI have been a user of the trichopigmentation treatment for a sensitive period of my life.

Being a frequenter of Forums, it often happens to me that, knowing me, users ask me this question: “how long does tricopigmentation last?”.

Today I had a very special case.

A guy who was performed a temporary tricopigmentation still has traces of the treatment.

This was my response:


How long does the tricopigmentation last? Why in my case has it not gone away yet?

Reply to bellicapelli forum:

Hello Guys,

I answer you because I have personally done this type of treatment and have seen on me how the pigment behaves. In my case the level of disappearance was:

– 30% of the covering power in the first year.

– 70% of the covering power in the second year.

– it took at least 3 years for the traces to go away in my case.


The process is slow but inexorable and certainly depends on the amount of pigment inoculated.
I have personally experienced that the higher the pigment load, the longer it takes for it to optically vanish completely.

In some areas (more rebated because they lack hair) the time elapsed before the disappearance was greater. I often read that there are guys to whom it disappears almost completely within six months.


Cases like yours are rare and occur even longer than statistically should be the case.

What I recommend is that you contact your trusted provider and ask how you might slightly speed up the process.

If it bothers you, you can ask for a slight correction so that the remaining period is buffered or evaluate with the technician if it is possible to speed up the clearing with an external stimulation (clean needle treatment). Another solution would be to completely change course by restoring the level of coverage with a new trichopigmentation.


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