How to evaluate the outcome of a hair transplant?

come si valuta il risultato di un trapianto

Most people who undergo a hair transplant do so thinking that this is the fastest and most effective solution to solve a problem that is not only aesthetic, but also psychological.

Many want to regain their self-confidence, increase their self-esteem in order to feel good, to like themselves and others as well, to look younger, or for other personal reasons.

This strong determination is also reflected in the expectations of those who decide to undergo the transplant surgery, the most common questions that a near transplant patient asks might be:

  • Will my hair grow after transplantation?
  • How will I look after the surgery?
  • Will I get the same results as my friends did?
  • Will I no longer have to worry about my hair for the rest of my life?

All these doubts and questions, are answered during the consultation with the surgeon performing the operation.

Certainly, two of the universal certain answers for each patient are as follows:

  • Each of us is unique, as is our case. One should not compare one’s own condition with that of others.
  • The physician must try to meet the client’s expectations, while providing him or her with no illusions; he or she will try to fulfill his or her task to the best of his or her ability by working to achieve an ideal result.
  • There are many variables to consider in order to succeed in obtaining an optimal result from the procedure: the pattern of hair loss, age, sex, hair type and color, face and head shape, and finally the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the scalp.

All these factors ultimately decree the final result of the operation.


Will I be able to achieve the same result as my friend did after the transplant?”

It is never helpful to compare the results of someone’s surgery with our own.

Although there are certain dynamics that might create some similarities between one case and another, there are actually deeper criteria that influence the final result of a transplant, such as the thickness of the hair shaft, the amount of hair shafts contained in each follicle, the pattern of the hair (straight, curly, wavy) etc.

Even if the same amount of hair follicles were used, the result would never be the same for everyone; some hair follicles are thicker than others and therefore could create a fuller effect than those with finer follicles.

Hair color, as well as hair pattern, could have a strong mimetic power, but the same result could never be achieved for everyone.

In the evaluation phase, the physician must take into account all these variables and study the best techniques to achieve the maximum result required by the patient.


When will I be able to see the final result?

In order to be able to evaluate the surgeon’s all-around work, it is necessary to wait at least a year.

We cannot estimate the success of the surgery at the 1st, 3rd, or 6th month.

In general, transplanted hair follicles fall out after one month after surgery and then start growing on the 3rd. At 12 months you should have achieved the final result.


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