Interview of user ThorHair, operation at Smile Hair Clinic

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In the video, ThorHair, a user of bellicapelli forum, shares his experience at the Smile Hair Clinic, where he decided to undergo baldness surgery. Thor is an affable and open individual, ready to share his experience and the reasons why he chose Smile Hair Clinic for his treatment.

The choice of clinic

Thor chose the Smile Hair Clinic after an extensive research. He evaluated several clinics and had several assessments done on his degree of baldness. In the end, he chose Smile Hair Clinic because he had a good feeling with Doctor Erdogan‘s team. He appreciated the professionalism and human approach of the team, which made him feel comfortable and confident in his choice.

The process of the surgery described on bellicapelli

Thor described the entire process of the surgery, from preparation to the actual procedure. He mentioned that the most uncomfortable aspect of the surgery was the anesthesia, which he described as similar to what one receives at the dentist, but with 20-30 injections in the back of the head. After the surgery, Thor shared his impressions and his progress, noting that the donor area was red but no longer painful.

Expectations and hopes

When asked about his expectations for the surgery, Thor is realistic. He knows that he cannot expect a miracle, but he hopes for a natural result. He does not expect to have a very low hair line, but he hopes for full coverage, albeit not very dense, from forehead to nape of the neck. This expectation is based on her understanding of the treatment and confidence in the clinic’s competence.

Postoperative experience and advice

After the surgery, Thor expressed his satisfaction and shared his hope for future results. He also mentioned that he would have liked to book an extra day in Istanbul to visit the city and have an additional checkup at the clinic on the second day after surgery.

ThorHair, conclusions about the course

In conclusion, ThorHair offers a detailed and honest overview of his hair transplant, offering a valuable perspective for anyone considering a similar surgery. Her testimony emphasizes the importance of doing thorough research, seeking feedback, and having realistic expectations. At the same time, she highlights the importance of a good relationship with the medical team and feeling comfortable with the choice made.


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