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Sanders in 2024: Innovation and Growth in the Bellicapelli Circuit

New Horizons for the Helvetico Sanders Institute Istituto Helvetico Sanders, a member of the prestigious Bellicapelli circuit since 2015, continues to be a beacon in...

Hair loss in men and women – What we can do

Almost 20 million people in Italy are affected by hair loss. It is not easy to accept a change in one's image, especially when...
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Hyperhidrosis: what it means for the scalp

We all know that sweating is a normal phenomenon for our bodies and a necessary process so that the body can cool itself and...
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Hair Density: A Crucial Indicator of Health and Beauty

The appearance of hair is a key aspect of personal image, influencing our well-being and self-perception. In particular, hair density is a crucial factor,...
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How to Eliminate Excess Sebum: Ultimate Guide for Oily and Shiny Hair

Introduction to the Oily Hair Challenge Dealing with oily hair is a daily struggle for many. This condition, often seen as unattractive and difficult to...
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Flavia’s story: a fight against hair loss with Sanders

Flavia is a woman who, like many others, has faced the difficult problem of hair loss. But her story is not only about hair...