Minimum Age Hair Transplant – Interview Dr.Bijan Feriduni

intervista feriduni età trapianto capelli

In this interesting and exclusive interview Dr. Bijan Feriduni discusses several topics of great interest. The interview was conducted at the Dr.Feriduni Hair clinic located in Hasselt, Belgium.

Dr. Feriduni has extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation and offers a wide range of strip, Fue and BHT procedures at his clinic.

Dr. Feriduni is also an expert in beard and moustache reconstruction, eyelash and eyebrow transplantation and pubic reconstruction. In this interview, Dr. Feriduni explains in detail what criteria are evaluated when faced with the choice to operate or not to operate on a young patient, he illustrates what in his opinion is the best technique for the extraction of follicular units via FUE, he explains his personal experience with Acell and the results he has obtained.


Minimum Age Hair Transplant – The Importance of Dialogue

The interview proceeds with further questions and explanations on other interesting topics such as the difficulties and key points in the reconstruction of the crown area, the assessments to be made when going to treat the hairline area and the key points to evaluate when performing an intervention using body hair.

In our opinion, an important point emerges from the interview, which is linked to the dialogue between patient and surgeon. Very often this aspect is not taken into consideration and we see situations in which the surgeon goes along with the patient’s wishes even when these are objectively unrealistic.

Dr. Feriduni emphasizes instead that the surgeon must try to evaluate the expectations of the patient and suggest the best surgical strategy always taking into account somevariables such as age, family history, and possible future evolution of the fall. It is always important to seek a balance between patient expectations and actual surgical possibilities.

A result that may seem adequate when you are 20 years old could in fact appear unnatural when you turn 30 or 40! We strongly advise our readers to view this interview that will allow them to receive answers to some of the most frequent doubts and questions.

Here is a link to Dr. Feriduni’s website: Dr. Feriduni


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