Nanoxidil – the new alternative to Minoxidil


In August 2011, a cosmetic company, Divine Skin Inc. launched a new molecule to treat hair loss.

The molecule, called nanoxidil, was developed to exceed the efficacy and tolerability of minoxidil. Nanoxidil is a relatively new product in the medical field. Unfortunately, there are limited studies regarding its use, efficacy, and possible side effects.

Initially, the study was conducted on some laboratory mice. According to a 2009 KoreMed study, treatment with topical nanoxidil solution (5%) applied to the dorsal skin showed a significantly higher rate of hair growth than other groups.

The possible side effects of Minoxidil

Minoxidil turns out to be very effective for hair loss. However, it also possesses some undesirable side effects. It is common to experience headaches, heart problems, nerve tremors, local irritation in the area of application, and possible development of acne. Unwanted side effects, such as those mentioned above, occur mainly when an excessive amount of minoxidil is absorbed through the skin.

It has also been determined that women are more sensitive to minoxidil, so it is recommended to use concentration of no more than 5 percent, with a maximum frequency of application once a day.

Nanoxidil – a new treatment for hair loss

Nanoxidil is new in the field of hair loss treatments: its structure is very similar to minoxidil, but its molecular weight is lower. In theory, this should lead to a better rate of penetration and absorption of the molecule.

In addition to molecular differences, Nanoxidil lotions differ significantly from generic brands such as Rogaine®.

In fact, SPECTRAL DNC-N® Lotion with nanoxidil contains other ingredients in addition to nanoxidil. These include:

  • adenosine
  • copper peptides
  • procyanidine B2
  • caffeine
  • azelaic acid


These ingredients act synergistically to promote nanoxidil penetration and improve hair growth.

Nanoxidil is a recent invention and most studies are still ongoing. For example, the DS Healthcare Group Inc. phase II study evaluating the efficacy and safety of nanoxidil in the treatment of mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia produced some impressive results.

However, it is worth noting that independent trials may be better, as the manufacturer may have a conflict of interest.

Results of nanoxidil lotion at 6 months (SPECTRAL. DNC-N®):

The study reveals that nanoxidil treatment can achieve an increase in hair growth of up to 28.6 percent in just three months after the start of treatment. From the study, researchers concluded that nanoxidil can not only increase hair density, but also reduce inflammatory processes in the scalp.

Anti-inflammatory effect and increased tolerability in women

In fact, among the most common factors that promote the onset of androgenetic alopecia is peripheral fibrosis.

This relates to premature aging of the hair root due to overproduction of collagen, loss of moisture, and/or scarring. Copper peptides are also anti-inflammatory because they can block the actions of inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin 1, and transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta).

This explains the anti-inflammatory effect of nanoxidil lotion. Studies, such as the 2009 study published in the journal KoreaMed, explain how nanoxidil can be effective in managing inflammatory processes in the scalp.

Unlike minoxidil, which causes greater sensitivity among women, the 2019 study shows that nanoxidil is more effective in the management of female premature hair loss, but with fewer issues related to sensitivity.

According to the study conducted, most subjects achieved extraordinarily good results, and only 3 percent of the women in the study saw no change after a 6-month treatment period. It will take some time before the FDA approves nanoxidil.

In conclusion, it is recommended to be careful about changing drug therapy because if Minoxidil is well tolerated, switching to nanoxidil is not necessary. However, if you are starting hair loss treatment now, nanoxidil might be a good choice.


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