PRP | Platelet Rich Plasma against hair loss


The PRP is part of regenerative medicine that consists in the clinical use of biological products or stem cells in order to stimulate the reproduction of cells in the damaged tissue to repair it.

Some experts, after years of studies, have come to the conclusion that platelets, when combined with growth factors, play a fundamental role in the regenerative process of areas affected by trauma.

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) technology was born from this awareness. This branch of regenerative medicine finds application in various aesthetic and medical sectors: orthopedics, dermatology, trichological surgery.


How does the technology work?

In PRP, Through the centrifugation of the patient’s blood, obtained by a simple venous blood draw, a substance called “platelet gel” is created. This substance is injected into the areas affected by redundancy and baldness, thus releasing proteins that promote the regeneration and regrowth of the follicle.

As explained in other articles, the hair follicle is a structure characterized by a cyclical activity with a long growth phase (anagen phase), a phase of involution (catagen phase) and a resting phase (telogen phase).

In the hair follicle are present stem cells, capable of generating hair progenitor cells that migrate to the hair matrix allowing the formation of a strong and healthy hair.


Can it lead to regeneration of hair follicles?

According to some experts, numerous cases of baldness are due to a “dormant” phase of the stem cells present in the follicles.

According to this principle, and because platelets are among the most powerful activators of stem cells, PRP is used to produce the necessary stimuli for the regeneration of the hair follicle.

The treatment is generally performed every two to three months. More and more clinics are offering this treatment on patients suffering from baldness, alopecia and thinning.



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