Helvetic Institute Sanders is one of the few companies in the trichological sector that can boast more than 100 baldness professionals including surgeons, medical assistants and biologists. For over 30 years, this highly experienced team has been using a method that stands out for its benefits and that guarantees periodic and continuous monitoring until the desired results are achieved.

It has 23 Unit Centers in Italy and Switzerland where it is possible to carry out a FREE ANALYSIS and be followed until the best possible results are achieved.

Media, TV and magazines often choose to interview their experts to understand the potential of new techniques that trichological science makes available to combat baldness or to allow the recovery of a natural and lasting hair.

The philosophy of Istituto Helvetico Sanders has two key points: the safety of the patient during the procedure and the achievement of the best aesthetic result possible.

In order to meet these requirements, it is essential to be guided along this path by experts in the trichological sector who operate in authorized facilities with the latest generation of instruments and equipment. The facilities used by Istituto Helvetico Sanders for hair transplantation comply with the stringent health and hygiene regulations required by Italian law and are authorized by the Regional Councils to operate as clinics for aesthetic and trichological medicine. Periodic inspections are also carried out by the competent authorities to ensure that quality standards are always at the highest possible level.

By choosing health facilities of excellence that collaborate with Istituto Helvetico Sanders, you can be sure that the regulations regarding the adequacy of facilities and surgical equipment are much more stringent than those of foreign health regulations.

For hair transplantation, in addition to the FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technique, the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique is performed, with which the follicular units are replanted directly onto the scalp: an approach that guarantees a very high percentage of follicles taking root, considerably reduces the time of the operation and allows for an extremely natural result.

In support of the procedure, Istituto Helvetico Sanders SMART FUE (“Scalp Motorized Assisted Rational Transplantation”) protocol is performed, which is distinguished by continuous patient care and the study conducted on personal case histories. The protocol conceived by Institut Helvetico Sanders has a new rational basis to obtain an optimal result: the prior calculation of the grafts per cm2 needed to cover the recipient area. All of this is made possible thanks to extremely well-prepared medical teams, automated instruments of extreme precision and leading-edge facilities in full compliance with health and hygiene regulations. The path is studied in every detail also with reference to post-operative assistance, indispensable to maximize the results of the transplant: thanks to periodic checks carried out monthly by an expert in the office of your city, it will be possible to verify the correct regrowth of the hair in line with the respective biological rhythms, until the desired result is achieved. The complete and continuous monitoring, in addition to the checks carried out by the surgeons 6 and 12 months after surgery, is a service that only Istituto Helvetico Sanders is able to offer its patients.


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