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tricopigmentazione e trapianto di capelli

Transplantation and Tricopigmentation: can they coexist?

How to recognise the first signs of Androgenetic Alopecia Recognising the symptoms that Androgenetic Alopecia may cause is not easy, but neither is it impossible. In...
corsi di tricopigmentazione milena lardi

Trichopigmentist profession: a new path, not just for surgeons

The Tricopigmentist (or Dermopigmentist) The job market is constantly evolving. Today among the many professional figures on the Italian scene, we find the figure of...

Frontal Line Design in Tricopigmentation.

Tricopigmentation. The design of the frontal line Tricopigmentation has been experiencing an important diffusion worldwide for several years as a non-surgical and non-invasive solution to...

Tricopigmentation Rome | The protocol of Beauty Medical in the capital

Tricopigmentation Rome performed by Milena Lardì. Pupils of the house Beauty Medical perform the Tricopigmentation in the Rome office of Professor Marco Toscani at Savoia...

Does tricopigmentation really work or does it feel like makeup?

In the forum this question is often asked : "Does Tricopigmentation work or is it detectable?" As I have already written several times Tricopigmentation is...

Tricopigmentation Milan | Which professional can I contact?

Tricopigmentation Milan has the name of Milena Lardì.. A permaenent makeup teacher and inventor of her own Tricopigmentation protocol, Milena Lardì and her staff have...