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Sitri, Società Italiana di Tricologia®, is a scientific, apolitical and non-profit association with the aim of making Trichology a scientific branch of multi-specialist medicine and, more generally, of humanistic culture. We are the largest European Association of Trichology.

S.I.Tri.® (or SITri®) is the official and registered abbreviation for the “Italian Society of Trichology”.

TricoItalia® is the (registered) name of the didactic-scientific sector of the Society (S.I.Tri.), to which are also associated “Non-graduates” and “Aesthetic Operators” of Tricology.

The objectives of the S.I.Tri. are the information and the defense of users, operators and doctors from misleading information and fraud in the field of trichology.

The initiatives of the S.i.tri

To promote scientific research in the pathology and physiology of hair, hair and scalp

To promote the progress of “TRICOLOGY” also through teaching

Define reference protocols for research, clinical and laboratory, on the therapy of defluvium, effluvium and scalp diseases,

Verify the effectiveness and rationality of trichological therapies proposed by the pharmaceutical and pharmaco-cosmetic industry

Verify the quality, rationality and harmlessness of the products offered by the trichological-cosmetic industry

To look for a coordination with the pharmaceutical and drug-cosmetic industry for a scientific rationalization of the whole sector.

To support and compare, in the field of trichology, with the scientific activity of culturally related societies

To give to the Members a sure point of reference and a scientific support in their daily activity

To publish what is new, actual and scientific in the field of trichology in Italy and in the world, in order to keep up the information and the knowledge of the Members, the Culturists and the patients.

To denounce to the Members, to the Patients and to the Public Opinion the frauds in the tricological field

Our information does not contain advertising or information “paid for” or “inspired” by pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies or by political or financial interest groups.

Sitri’s services.

    • Congresses,
    • Training Courses,
    • Registry of Medical Trichologists,
    • Italian Journal of Trichology,
    • Find a Medical Trichologist

Sitri Congresses.

The Italian Society of Trichology organizes twice a year a Scientific Congress dedicated to all those who deal with this discipline, Doctors, Surgeons, Pharmacists, Biologists, Chemists, Technicians and Hairdressers.

Our Congresses take stock of the state of the art of Trichological Medicine and Surgery by presenting those novelties that punctually emerge in our sector.

The Congress takes place in Spring and Fall and is itinerant. We often call our Congresses “Meetings” just to emphasize the importance of meeting between those involved in this field, until a few years ago little considered.

visit the dedicated website of the company.

Sitri Training Courses.

The Italian Society of Trichology organizes several Training Courses both online and practical..

The professional through our training courses will acquire the knowledge and skills that will distinguish him from the competition, making him aware of pathologies of the scalp and hair and able to give not only correct aesthetic advice but also advice on a scientific basis.

Our Doctors are among the most important specialists in the field of Dermatology and Trichology. They are part of the Italian Society of Trichology that has always dealt with this important discipline.

Discover all courses of the Italian Society of Trichology

Register of Doctors Trichologists Sitri.

The Italian Society of Trichology has felt the need to establish a Public Register to indicate the doctors, known to it, who meet the necessary requirements for the protection of patients with pathological conditions or imperfections affecting the hair and scalp.

Therefore, on November 10, 2012, the Assembly of the Italian Society of Trichology has deliberated the constitution of the “Register of Trichologist Doctors by the Italian Society of Trichology – SITri” and has approved its Regulations. If you are aMedical find out how to register on the Site of the Italian Society of Trichology.

G.I.Tri. – Italian Journal of Trichology.

Every six months the Italian Society of Tricology publishes its scientific journal that collects news and updates in the field. Since its first issue, 37 issues of the Italian Journal of Trichology have been published, all of which can be freely downloaded from the site in electronic pdf version.

By subscribing to the Society you will receive at home a collection of the most important publications made in recent years and you will also subscribe to the journal.

You can read all the issues of the Journal on the site:

Find the Doctor Trichologist

The Italian Society of Tricology provides on the site the service Find the Doctor Tricologist for patients and all people looking for a good Doctor Tricologist in Italy.

With a simple program of Geolocation, the site allows you to find the closest doctor to you.

All doctors in the database are members of S.I.Tri.


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