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Smile Hair Clinic

Smile Hair Clinic is a professional medical center specializing in hair transplantation.

It is located in the East Asian part of Istanbul and has more than 100 staff within it.

The clinic was founded in 2018 by Dr. Gökay Bilgin and Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, who decided to concentrate their experience within one complex in order to offer people their technique in the medical field and achieve great goals.

The quality of their work is realized through the constant updating of transplantation techniques and the development of new disciplines within the clinic.


Strong values of the clinic

Principal goal of the Smile Hair Clinic is definitely to achieve maximum results in terms of Aesthetics, comfort and transformation.

These must then be combined with the guiding values by which the founders created and achieved their popularity: analysis, achievement and advancement.

The first step of the treatment consists of a deep and thorough analysis of the case, the patient’s inputs and his expectations are assessed, then we move to the planning phase in which the suitability of the donor area is examined and then we succeed, through specific tools, in designing the hair line while still maintaining a very natural design.


The Smile Technique

During the hairline design, the angles of the front are also outlined to decipher how many grafts are needed, so as to build a uniform and natural base.

This is quite a critical time as one must take into account not only the patient’s facial musculature, but also his or her age, in order to achieve maximum results and reach the set goals.

To achieve successful operations and outcomes, the Smile trains and manages highly qualified expert physicians; these are then recruited and evaluated by the ISHRS.

Operational excellence and experience are just two of the criteria by which the Smile Hair Clinic differentiates itself among the best clinics in the world.


Innovation: a mantra for the clinic of Dr. Gökay Bilgin and Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan

The founders of Smile Hair Clinic are very attached to the principle of innovatione as the basis of medicine.

Their curiosity to learn more and more cutting-edge techniques and introduce them into their strategies in the operating room promotes the possibility of achieving increasingly effective results in performing hair transplants.

In conclusion, we can say that perfection must always be supported by scientific advances and that aesthetics of the hair is crucial when approaching a case of Baldness.

Smile Hair Clinic strives every day to grow and improve in order to be able to offer its patients the best performance in the medical field and solve one of the pivotal problems in today’s aesthetic landscape: baldness.

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