Telogen phase | The last phase of the hair cycle

fase telogen

The telogen phase is the third part of the hair cycle that comes after the anagen phase and catagen phase.

The telogen phase usually lasts from three to five months.

During the final phase of the follicular cycle, the hair stops growing and becomes totally keratinized.

The dermal papilla enters a state of rest and no longer provides nutrients to the hair since it is totally grown and does not require additional substances to live.


Telogen phase and club-shaped hair

The “club-shaped” hair is a totally mature hair that no longer has access to blood supply because it no longer has the need to grow. The hair bulb is now made of keratin and is ready to leave the scalp so that another hair can regrow. Losing even more than 100 hairs a day that are finishing the telogen phase is a very normal thing to do.


Follicular activity during the telogen phase

In the preceding follicular phase, referred to as the catagen phase, the follicle shrinks rapidly so that no more blood can reach the hair. Next, the follicle works on the formation of the new hair by renewing its cells and the previous hair remains anchored to the follicle until it is expelled. During the creation of the new hair, the old one leaves the place by detaching itself from its anchoring base.


Body hair and the telogen phase.

In addition to having a much shorter anagen phase than hair, body hairs are in the anagen phase for much longer. This means that a body hair will never become as long as a hair and therefore our body can never be completely covered in hair.

Disorders related to the third phase of the follicular cycle .
It is completely normal for a small portion of hair to go together in the telogen phase and it has been shown to approach about 20% of the entire scalp. In case the percentage of hair in telogen phase is well above 20% we could be faced with a dysfunction. These problems can be dictated by external agents or they can have a genetic hereditary component.


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