The 3SE method for safe hair transplantation, Dr. Resul Yaman

metodo 3se resul yaman

If you are considering a hair transplant, it is essential to consult an experienced physician. The doctor will examine your specific case and plan the procedure based on the results you could potentially achieve. The 3SE method involves a careful analysis with a microcamera or similar systems before proceeding with a hair transplant.

The 3D scanner and the 3SE method

Dr. Resul Yaman has achieved excellent results in hair transplants and developed a 3D scanner as part of his innovation studies. This scanner was integrated with a microcamera analysis system, resulting in the safe SE inspection method, the first phase of his innovative approach called 3SE.

The 3SE method: a three-step path

The 3SE method is based on three main steps:

  1. Scanning the patient’s scalp and counting follicular units.
  2. Extraction using a special manual FUE technique.
  3. Safe implantation using an improved version of the DHI method due to its special implanter.

Safe SE inspection: a thorough analysis of the patient’s scalp

In the SE inspection stage, the physician examines the patient’s scalp with a scanner and collects the necessary data. During the analysis, the physician evaluates various aspects, including:

  • The hair and follicular units in the patient’s donor area.
  • The thickness of hair follicles, stem structure, and their health.
  • The structure of the skin, taking into account differences between ethnicities.
  • The presence of dermatological problems such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, and folliculitis.
  • The importance of skin examination to prevent post-hair transplant problems.

Evaluation of the recipient area and family history

In the 3SE method, it is crucial to examine the recipient area before proceeding with hair transplantation. The physician should check whether the miniaturization process continues in the recipient area, especially in young patients. In addition, it is essential to take into consideration the patient’s family history of hair loss problems.

Hair examination and estimation of donor area capacity

The physician examines the patient’s scalp, including the donor and recipient areas, with a 3D scanner. Hair density and hair quality, the ratio of multiple follicular units, and the thickness of hair in the donor area are assessed. The physician estimates the total capacity of the donor area, that is, the total number of hairs that can be harvested.

Use of secondary donor areas and measurement of the recipient area

Beard hairs can be used with excellent results in hair transplantation operations. The beard area can be scanned and added to the total capacity of the donor area. The trained physician measures the area of the recipient area with a 3D scanner and calculates the number of hairs and grafts to be transplanted per square centimeter.

Personalized hair transplant planning

The physician performing the hair transplant must carefully evaluate and plan the procedure using the most effective technologies. Hair transplant planning should be patient-specific, considering factors such as hair texture, color, density, and family history. Dr. Resul Yaman achieves high-quality and effective hair transplant results with the 3SE method, becoming the preferred doctor for thousands of patients both abroad and in Turkey.

Preservation of hair follicles for future surgeries

When planning hair transplantation, it is important to take into account the possibility of future surgeries, especially in younger patients. The donor area should be used sparingly, leaving an adequate number of hair follicles for possible second or third surgeries. In cases of extensive hair loss, as in Norwood 5-6 cases, the recipient area should be divided into sections according to the order of importance.

Attention to the frontal region and graft density

The physician should pay special attention to the number of grafts in the frontal region, which is visually most relevant. During implantation, the number of grafted hairs per cm^2 should be kept high to ensure a satisfactory aesthetic result.

Successful results with the 3SE method

With his careful planning and use of the latest technology, Dr. Resul Yaman is able to offer effective and high-quality hair transplant results using the 3SE method. His expertise and customization of hair transplantation to the patient’s specific needs have made him the physician of choice for thousands of patients worldwide.


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