The black market of hair transplantation


The ISHRS warns about the dangerous black market hair transplant industry. In a press release issued in March 2019, it was reported that 77.5 percent of ISHRS members, or qualified hair restoration surgeons, have seen an increase in the number of people seeking help after undergoing botched or failed procedures, often to remedy grave transplant mistakes.

The reason attributable to the numerous poor quality results is the presence of numerous illegal hair transplant clinics. There are many non-medical professionals who possess little expertise or even no qualifications, who nevertheless perform these delicate procedures.

The ISHRS reports that, due to the high demand for hair transplants, patients often decide to turn to cheap clinics located abroad.
Once the patient is attracted by the low cost, he or she is exploited by these individuals, who have no qualms about exploiting a delicate problem like hair loss, providing treatment shoddy, dangerous and without guarantees. Rumor has it that one operation was even performed by a taxi driver.

Deterioration, scarring and infection

The ISHRS website contains dedicated information for patients about the dangers of the hair transplant black market.

Contains images that some people may find distressing. Members of theISHRS have reported cases where patients operated on from these questionable “clinics” had severe scars, overuse of the donor area, and infections. In addition, poor aesthetic results were evident, such as unnatural hair regrowth caused by lack of expertise in performing the graft.

Beware of appearances

Another issue the medical association has considered is that potential clients, particularly those seeking hair transplants abroad and considering the best choice, should be aware that graft counts are often inaccurate.

The cost of hair transplants tends to be calculated based on the number of grafts. The ISHRS reported that many patients often received fewer grafts than they should have.

When medical procedures are performed in a foreign country, one must not be charmed only by positive reviews on the web, which are not verifiable by the reader. Reality can often be different than you think. Language barriers are a frequent obstacle, which further makes it difficult to deal with any difficulties for the patient.

Add to this, any problems relating to the conditions of the clinic and its equipment, not to mention the fact thatthe staff performing the operation must be adequately trained, have medical training and relevant skills. To protect yourself and avoid falling into unpleasant situations, it would be advisable, before going any further, to check the certified clinics on the ISHRS website.

The importance of having informed patients

“This situation is serious for anyone who is trying to remedy calvariety, and that’s why ISHRS is moving productively to inform patients about these dangers. We have many of our competent physicians who have signed on to ensure their medical commitment in this area. They regularly participate in educational plans to ensure proper performance of hair transplants,” says Ricardo Mejia, MD, chair of the ISHRS committee on issues related to unlicensed medical practices.


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