The CHOI implanter pen, the choice of Dr. Serkan Aygin

choi implanter pen

Variables for choosing the tool to engage UFs

  • The degree of thinning of the affected area
  • the quality of the donor area
  • the amount of bulbs needed for extraction, etc.

Among the various techniques, one of the most innovative, is the DHI hair transplantation performed through the use of the CHOI implanter pen.


What is the CHOI implanter pen?

It is a very precise and effective instrument developed in 1992 by Kyungpook National University, South Korea.

Initially, this pen-shaped instrument was created to solve the problem of Baldness in Asian patients, who possessed thicker hair than Caucasian or African people and therefore was unable to treat all hair types.

Thanks to innovation in medicine and technology, it was possible to modify the instrument to give surgeons the ability to operate on all types of heads.

The pen is used during transplantation surgery to achieve a natural appearance and a maximum result from the operation.

It possesses a 0.5-1.0 mm hollow needle located at the tip, and a micromotor that facilitates bulb extraction.


How is the CHOI pen used?

This mechanical instrument can be used during DHI hair transplants.

Its function is to implant the bulbs extracted from the donor area (this may be the nape of the neck, beard or chest) directly into the recipient area without the need to have to incise the skin.

Going into more detail, the extracted bulbs are collected in the hollow needle of the pen and are implanted into the bald area one by one at an angle of 40-50 degrees.

The efficiency and uniqueness of this instrument lies in the length of time the follicles remain outside the patient’s body; the longer the follicles are kept inside, the greater the chance that they will survive.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the CHOI implanter pen


  • More control of angulation
  • More density
  • Bulbs survive longer
  • Faster recovery
  • No shaving required
  • Lower risk of infection


  • More energy consumption and preparation by the medical team
  • More expensive operation compared to other types of hair surgeries
  • Up to 3500-4000 bulbs can be extracted.
  • Those with curly hair should choose another option


Who is able to perform a DHI hair transplant with CHOI implanter pen?”

As we have already mentioned, the use of the CHOI implanter pen makes it possible to speed up the process of harvesting and implanting bulbs, giving the patient the most natural look possible.

Although, therefore, it is a very safe and effective operation, there is a need for it to be used by a well-trained medical team; the surgeon performing the operation must be very experienced and know how to use the CHOI pen to prevent the bulbs from being damaged during the procedure.

Among the best clinics, it is worth mentioning that of Dr. Aygin Serkan, where the technique of hair transplantation by means of the CHOI pen is frequently used, obtaining amazing results.


CHOI pen DHI technique vs. Sapphire FUE: which one do you prefer?

Hair transplantation with the CHOI pen implanter and transplantation with Sapphire FUE technique are two of the best methodologies when it comes to undergoing such a procedure.

Both perform the same function, which is to extract bulbs by taking them from the donor area and then implanting them in the areas affected by hair deficit.

Despite this, the difference between the two techniques lies in the fact that the CHOI pen extracts the bulbs and implants them directly into the patient’s scalp, preventing the bulbs from remaining too long outside the skin and therefore dying, and in addition, there is no need for incisions that force the patient to undergo a longer convalescence.

The FUE Sapphire technique, on the contrary, is suitable for those surgeries in which there is a large area that needs to be covered, and, to be used, there is a need for the patient to be shaved completely first; which is not the case with the CHOI implanter pen.


Based on what criteria is it decided which technique is the most suitable one?

Only the surgeon can decide which technique to use during surgery.

In the case of Dr. Serkan‘s clinic, a thorough medical examination is conducted to assess the case and the patient’s expectations.

For more than 25 years, his team has been providing hair loss treatments using the most innovative methodologies and working with a professionally excellent medical team.


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