The thinning hair of David Beckham


Thanks to his great athletic ability, David Beckham has become a superstar of sports, while his good looks have helped him become a much sought-after model.

There was a time when David Beckham was considered the most famous footballer on the planet. Although his free throws in football were legendary, it was often his haircuts that got most of the press attention. Many admired (among other things, his enormous amount of money) his thick hair..


A thick hair and many style changes

Beckham continues to attract a steady stream of attention, and not just for his football fame. He is also famous for his style preferences when it comes to svarious haircuts.

David has changed a lot of them over the years, attracting the curiosity of his many fans. Think, for example, of how much his image with his hair pulled back in a ponytail has made him famous in the collective imagination.

The media, as well as his fans, have always talked about the foleness of his hair, which is no small matter since David has always attributed great importance to his hair. He has gained admiration to such an extent that he has people constantly imitating him whenever he goes from one style to another.


Celebrity and baldness

There are recent photos of David Beckham‘s hair that show a possible direction towards baldness, as his hair appears to be more thin and miniaturized.

Many celebrities go to great lengths to hide their bad hair. John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Steve Harvey and many other celebrities are losing their hair and are making use of all kinds of treatment to ward off its advent.


Beckham’s growing hair concern

Unfortunately for Beckham, male pattern baldness doesn’t discriminate. In fact, nearly one-third of men (famous or not) experience hair loss by age 35 while the remainder average around 50, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

At 43 years old,Beckham was certainly one of the luckiest, having a thick hair to start with.

Unfortunately, he seems destined to be vvictim of his own success. As a style icon for millions of men, it must be even more difficult for him to live through this issue as a commoner.


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