Toppik | Keratin Microfibers – How to hide thinning.


The Toppik is a system that allows you to hide thinning hair in just a few moments.

It is composed of keratin microfibers designed to be perfectly aesthetically compatible with human hair.

The jar needs to be shaken so that the microfibers get electrostatically charged and can anchor perfectly to the hair during application.

This is a key feature of this type of product that differs in usability from dermatch and couvrè..

These are products that must be applied on the skin and not mainly on the hair to give a good effect. Remember that the natural result must always be the most important thing.

In Photography a simulation of how the toppik increases the volume of the hair thanks to keratin powder.


What are the aesthetic advantages of toppik?
The first benefit is that toppik by its nature settles on the skin diminishing the color contrast between hair and skin.

Imagine the difference between a lawn being covered with tree leaves on an autumn day. The result is that the perception of thinning areas of the scalp is significantly reduced.

The second advantage is that the toppik anchors itself to the existing hair. In this way it can guarantee an immediate coverage effect by optically strengthening the hair shafts immediately. Imagine in this case that leaves are added to the trees. The result is that it increases the volume of the hair making the mass come back to be abundant.


Psychological Contribution to the Immediate Patient.

The most appreciated feature of toppik (keratin microfibers) is the immediacy. You can wake up in the morning and hide the thinning in less than a minute. The psychological contribution is really important especially for those people who have recently started thinning.


Surgery and Dermatology, what is the approach to concealers?

Toppik is widely recommended by dermatologists while waiting for drug treatments to give an appreciated result.

Surgeons also recommend toppik if you want to wait for hair regrowth in the post-surgery period. In this case (from the second fourth month after hair transplantation) it can be used without any problems.


Tricopigmentation and Toppik, what do the experts think?

This type of camouflage seems to be very appreciated by a good percentage of users who require treatment of tricopigmentation. Milena Lardì recommends the suspension of the powder at least 15 days before treatment in a total manner or advises to wash the area where it is applied for at least 30 days every night.

These indications must be respected in order for the trichopigmentation treatment to stabilize properly in the short term.

This short review was written to give you an idea of what the positive effects of this type of product might be.

In December we will publish a review and the negative aspects that users of toppik have found during and especially after the first few uses.

For more information on an alternative product to toppik I invite you to look something up on K-Max.


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