Trichopigmentist profession: a new path, not just for surgeons

corsi di tricopigmentazione milena lardi

The Tricopigmentist (or Dermopigmentist)

The job market is constantly evolving. Today among the many professional figures on the Italian scene, we find the figure of the tricopigmentist.

Who he is. He is not a doctor, he is an aesthetic technician able to practice the treatment of trichopigmentation on suggets affected by small thinning or androgenentic or areata Alopecia.

The services offered by the trichopigmentist involve covering scars following trauma or surgery, corrections of treatments performed by less competent practitioners, but above all a comprehensive treatment with density effect or shaved effect.


Trichopigmentation courses

In order to practice this profession, it is necessary to take a preparatory course at the end of which you will receive a license that will allow the trainee to offer this service within his or her own studio.

In Beauty Medical’s studio, the courses follow a specific logic.

The trainee has the opportunity to be supervised by Milena Lardì individually, in order to receive more attention during all the days of the course.

The course takes place in 4 full time high intensity days that are previously agreed with the technician himself and are divided into a theoretical part and a practical part.

Milena accompanies the trainee throughout the course period by putting him or her to the test and subjecting him or her to practice exercises first on synthetic leather and then on a real model.


What is the theory and practice program of the course?

The theoretical portion provided for the training course as a tricopigmentist includes:

  • Introduction to Trichopigmentation,
  • Analysis of instrumentation in order to carry out the treatments,
  • Tricopigmentation on Alopecia, Baldness, Transplantation,Times, post-treatment and
  • live and final costs.

The practical portion of the course, on the other hand, involves boothside assistance with Milena Lardì, practice on synthetic leather, and final practice on a model to be brought by the participant and to be evaluated by the operator, or a model will be provided by the Team at an additional cost.


What does the final tricopigmentation exam consist of?

The final phase of the course involves an exam, which is conducted over two consecutive days through the method taught to the trainees by the operator.

On the first day, the trainee will assist Milena in the booth in order to absorb all possible teachings and steal with his or her eyes every useful move to be able to perform excellent work in the future.

On the second day, however, under the supervision of the operator, it will be the trainee himself who will confirm what he has learned during the one-on-one course through performing the first two sessions of trichopigmentation on a modelapproved by Beauty Medical

Course prices

The cost of the training with the Beauty Medical operator is 3,600 euros excluding VAT.

Beauty Medical binds the trainee to the purchase of the Trikotronik machine or the Athena, instrumentation necessary to be able to obtain maximum results from the technique taught by Milena Lardì.

The Trikotronik costs 3,800.00 excluding VAT, while the Athena costs 2,800.00 excluding VAT..

Thanks to a special offer, it is possible to purchase a package including training, trichopigmentation machine and a starter pack of products in order to perform 40 treatments for only 10,000.00 euros excluding VAT.


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