Tricopigmentation Rome | The protocol of Beauty Medical in the capital


Tricopigmentation Rome performed by Milena Lardì.

Pupils of the house Beauty Medical perform the Tricopigmentation in the Rome office of Professor Marco Toscani at Savoia Medical.

The company wants to ensure the highest quality with its operators in Milan that two weeks a month are present in the capital for tricopigmentation in Rome.

Tricopigmentation Rome | Savoia Medical, a dermatological structure

Savoia Medical, a clinic owned by Professor Marco Toscani, is home to several professionals in the field of dermatology and trichology. The Tricopigmentation received in 2013 approval from the S.i.tri (Italian Society of Trichology) as a complementary technique to the pharmacological treatments, to hair transplantation and alternative in case of extensive androgenetic alopecia and/or alopecia areata and total.

The single reservation number for Tricopigmentation Rome is 02-45548548.

The Rome location is easily accessible by car or by transportation.

    • About fifteen minutes walk from Termini station,
    • It enjoys an excellent location and a substantial number of budget hotels and B&B nearby.

I always advise you to book through services such as trivago or booking in order to always get the best price for the overnight stay.

Tricopigmentation Rome | Feasibility of treatment and expectations.

In what cases is it possible to perform a tricopigmentation treatment? And what effects can be obtained?

Trichopigmentation can be performed in all cases in which there is a need to provide “coverage” in thinning areas or characterized by a total absence of hair.

More than 70% of men are affected by baldness and tricopigmentation represents a good solution.

There are two effects that can be obtained:

  • shaved effect with hair at a maximum length of a couple of millimeters,
  • and density effect with long hair.

Clients suffering from universal or areata alopecia are also ideal candidates for this kind of treatment and in this case the shaved effect is the only option.

More and more medical clinics specializing in hair transplantation have approached tricopigmentation in recent years. In fact, this technique represents a valid complement to transplantation, since it can be used to amplify and improve the result, as well as an alternative to the same when the patient is not a valid candidate for surgery. The technique finds further application in the camouflage of transplant scars, as well as from trauma.

Many clients also rely on expert trichopigmentists for shaved effect treatments after the removal of implants.

Each case must be carefully analyzed in order to find the best solution considering the starting situation of the client, his age, his expectations and of course respecting the aesthetic rules in order to obtain a natural result. For this reason, the technician’s task is not only to perform a flawless treatment, but to follow and accompany the client before and after the sessions.


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