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Football players and hair: who had transplants, who wears prosthetics, who has resigned?

A few years ago there were no social networks and the media interest in the physical appearance of football players was not so strong. Today...

Hair loss – which famous women have suffered from it?

Female celebrities may look perfect in our eyes, but they too can suffer from many problems, including hair loss. Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell has achieved...

The Hair Transplant of Elon Musk

If we made a list of the most popular people of this decade, Elon Musk would be among the top positions. His great technological...

The thinning hair of David Beckham

Thanks to his great athletic ability, David Beckham has become a superstar of sports, while his good looks have helped him become a much...

Duke Harry’s thinning hair

Duke Harry's thinning hair would seem to have diminished improvisedly Last year, Prince Harry's thinning had increased significantly during his 2018 wedding to Meghan Markle To...

Fabio Volo and his self-irony about hair, hair transplant or concealers?

Fabio Volo's hair. Transplant or skillfully applied concealers? Born in 1972, Fabio Volo is one of the most famous Italian actors, writers and television presenters...